Principles of Creed (Belief)

A must not miss event for youth.

The course will consist of main 3 parts consisting of 90 mins each.

Part One – Section One – 40 mins
• What is aqidah
• Areas of aqidah
• Why aqidah is important
• Historical development of aqidah
• Sources of aqidah

Part One – Section Two – 45 mins
• Tawhid: definition & understanding of the oneness of Allah in light of the Qur’an
• Attributes of Allah
• What attributes cannot be ascribed to Allah
• Does Allah have hands?!
• Understanding shirk

Part Two – Section One – 40 mins
• Belief in the angels
• Belief in the scriptures
• Belief in destiny

Part Two – Section Two – 45 mins
• Belief in the messengers & prophets: definitions, attributes and need for prophets
• Only the Prophets are sinless
• Finality of Prophethood

Part Three – Section One – 40 mins
• Signs of the Last Hour
• Belief in the Last Day
• Belief in the life after death
• Life of the Prophets in the graves

Part Three – Section Two – 30 mins
• Virtues & excellence of the noble companions & esteemed family members
• Friends of Allah – Awliya Allah

15/20 mins – Q&A

Total (minimum) teaching time – 4 hours and 30 mins

15 mins break after each main part

A Must not miss event for youth

Catered for ages 10 years onwards

Event - Principles of Creed
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