We are very grateful for all generous investments you made regardless of the amount size. Please donate generously as this ensures that Allah’s house is maintained smoothly and your investments are rewarded to you by the Almighty.

Don’t hesitate to give out charity, Your help is the Hope! Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon him said;

“Whoever builds a mosque for the sake of Allah even it is like a hole that a sand grouse make to put its eggs in (i.e. very small), Allah will build a house for him in Paradise”  [ Ahmad ,  Ibn Majah ,  Abu Ya’la  and  al-Tabarani ].

Earn extra reward by advising people to do the same;

No doubt the that who helps people and guides them to build mosques and collects money for the same goal is a genuine partner in reward for the Prophetic Hadith that reads:

“Whoever guides (others) to do what is good, will reap the same reward as the doers”  [Reported by Imam  Muslim].

Please note: These details are only for general mosque donations, ZAKAT money cannot be spent on mosque. please contact us or committee for ZAKAH donations so they can be spend in correct manner.

Bank transfer (BACS)

Central Jamia Mosque


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Online Donation


Please make cheques payable to CENTRAL JAMIA MOSQUE

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Central Jamia Mosque
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Mosque is open from 1 hours before Fajr till 2 hours after Isha


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