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Wolverton mosque is bringing a challenging and special program for our youth to get more involved in and build better relation with mosque and community. this program is open for Boys and Girls for age 7 and over. this 7 day course will be fully fun packed and we ensure your kids will love it.


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LIMITED PLACES - Registration will close as soon as we reach the required numbers


Who What & Why:

This camp is run on Voluntary basis and most of the cost is funded by volunteers towards religious cause to get kids connected to mosque and give them a different perspective of Islam than what they see around them. Our interest is to make Children love mosque and feel relaxed when it comes to religion rather than seeing it as an obstruction to their life style.
Kids are to bring their lunch from home as food will only be provided on Sports day.
For kids who are registered and attend mosque for regular islamic classes, they will be paying £15 for whole duration of camp. non students will pay £20 and if you only want to bring for couple of days then its £5 per day.
Non Registered attendees for sports day will have to purchase the Day Band during summercamp from mosque for £5 which includes food. Non attendees will not be allowed to take part in games unless pre-authorized by management.


 Youth Camp