Central Jamia Mosque

Milton Keynes Muslim Cultural Society

Facilities provided by Wolverton Mosque and MKMCS range from:

  • Marriage / Matrimonial Services
  • Funeral / Burrial Program
  • Education Department
  • Islam Embrassing Services
  • Sermons Lectures / Classes



Marriage / Matrimonial Services:

The mosque provides marriage services cementing partnerships according to Islamic and civil matrimony. The mosque is linked with the Registrar of marriages for conducting legally recognised civil Muslim marriages and issues certificates on behalf of the Registrar.

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Funeral / Burial Program:

Janāzah (Funeral prayer services) is held at the mosque and can be arranged via the management committee. We have on-site facilities for conducting the preparation of bodies for funerals/burials and the coffin and have all the facilities to wash the deceased or maintain their cadaver in cold storage. Wolverton Mosque and MKMCS ensures that the service aspect of a funeral is carried out as best as possible before the departed is taken to the graveyard.

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Education Department:








Islam Embracing Services:

The reasons which make great number of people become Muslims.

    • It is the last Divine Religion revealed to man.
    • Islam recognizes previous divine revelations. On the other hand, Jews do not recognize Jesus, and the Christians do not recognize Muhammad; whereas, Muslims recognize Moses and Jesus, may Allah exalt their mention.
    • In Islam humans relates with their Lord in all matters and conditions.
    • Islam is the only Religion which has not been distorted or changed.
    • Islam satisfies the man's bodily and spiritual needs in equilibrium. It refuses that one aspect be given precedence over the other.
      Prince Charles said:
      'Islam can teach us today a way of understanding and living in the world which Christianity itself is poorer for having lost. Islam refuses to separate man and nature, religion and science, mind and matter.'
    • Islam does not conflict with man's intellect and natural disposition.
    • One of the proofs that Islam is a universal religion and that it is fit for all people at all times, regardless of their race or language it is the word of God:
      'O you who covers himself with a garment! Arise and warn. And your Lord glorify.' (74:1-3)

This services is carried out by an Imam, who speaks with Individuals and assists them in Arabic and translation of Shahādah which they follow and accept sincerely from their hearts. Anyone wishing to utilize this service should contact the committee or use contact us section to be in touch, alternatively you can post a question for an Imam to answer in ASK IMAM!.





Sermons Lectures / Classes: