Soccercise sessions will be run in partnership with MKDONS

Soccercise is for all levels of fitness. It can help introduce you to football, re-familiarise those who haven’t played for a while, form part of a pre-season training programme, become part of a pre-match warm-up or just be used as an alternative way to keep fit. The inclusion of footballs adds co-ordination and core stability to familiar exercises. It builds skill and confidence of working with a football.

I really want to encourage women who have no football experience at all to come down and try our fun soccercise workout and experience the different types of football that provide a more social, fun format that they may feel more comfortable with.

“Women can often feel that football isn’t a space for them, but my hope is that this event will show that the sport can be used as a great tool to get yourself out of the house and active, whether you want to kick a ball or not.

Ellie Reid
Women’s Participation Officer